GBFCS, is a second- generational business concept created and developed by Mrs. Marjorie Gordon, over 30 years ago. Married for 36 years strong, she has seen and worked with numerous couples and brides (f0r the men that leave us women in charge *winks* ) enough to know the ins and outs of the woven basket of the bridal industry in Jamaica, especially, in the vicinity of St. Catherine. 

A business that blossomed from the bread-winning cake-baking skills of Mrs. Gladys Nathan (mother - deceased) & Mr. Lenard Nathan (father - deceased). Their work ethics propelled her to extend her education and expertise by completing her studies in Floral Arrangement & Interior Decoration at the Exced Community College in the 1980's.


That journey had made GBFCS, the Bridal Store it is today!


"Delivering quality, step by step assistance, fulfilling each and every customer's need and rectifying all concerns to the best of our ability."



Venue Allocation?

Wedding Decor?

Over the years, Gordon's Bridal has gone above and beyond, where necessary, to assist in retrieving any product, services and or assistance to any matter that would have an impact on our customer's wedding experience. This has been proven time and time again by the return of 2nd and 3rd generation of loyal customers, we have served years before.


 Over the past 30 years, Gordon's Bridal provided a wide range of products and or services as a one stop shop of all wedding needs. Despite the fluctuation in variety, we have managed to keep most of these products and services to date. 

Nevertheless, we aspire to make changes and updates where necessary. As we embark on a new era, we desire that our offers will continue to cater to the satisfactory needs of customers